Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kids and Firefighters

Being a firefighter has its dark and dangerous moments. But one of the bright spots in a shift for many firefighters is when kids come to visit the station.

Now, let’s just be clear up front that not all children are well-behaved angels when they visit a firehouse. Just as anywhere else, there are always those few obnoxious and rude kids that try everyone’s patience. I can recall a few that I wanted to turn a booster line on…

But for the most part, kids love to meet firefighters, see where they work, and ooh and ahh over the cool trucks they drive. And (most) firefighters love kids. They also enjoy the opportunity to provide a little fire safety education while giving station tours. Safety messages tend to stick in young minds better than in adult minds.

Today I was reminded of a five-year-old boy who was a “regular” at his neighborhood fire station. His dad brought him by during a shift I worked many years ago. Sadly, I can’t recall the little fellow’s name, but I do remember he was a smart boy. In fact, he almost knew more about the fire trucks and equipment than some rookies I’ve worked with! This kid was amazing. I can only hope he’s grown up and realized his dream of becoming a firefighter. I’m sure he’d be great at it.

Child in fire truck. (Photo courtesy of

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